How to Get Rid of Dark Neck


Hi everyone! Welcome to my journey. Today, on this topic, I’m going to share with you three very simple steps that will help you get rid of dark neck in just 20 minutes. So let’s get started, the first step starts with steaming. So you have to steam your neck. So that the pores get open and it also helps in the easy removal of embedded dirt, grime and dead skin cells from your neck.
Stick a towel soaked in this hot water and steam your neck. So do this for about two to three minutes. So as you can see over here some dark lines around your neck. So just give a good steam. I’ll just steam for about two to three minutes.
Moving to the second step, we are going to prepare an exfoliating moisturizing scrub. So for that the ingredients that, you need is this is set. So this is around 3 tablespoons of fine salt, then you need is olive oil, and in case if you don’t have olive oil you can also use coconut oil, and then is baking soda and in case if you don’t have baking soda, you can also use baking powder.
So let’s prepare first I am going to add is a teaspoon of baking soda. Then I’m going to add this olive oil. Then just add our 2 tbsp of olive oil to mix it well. You get a scrub like consistency what you have to do.
Just apply it all over your neck and then scrub gently for two minutes. So to scrub you can either use a loofah. Or you can use a body scrub. Or simply you can use just a cotton pad.
Now coming to the exfoliation part, just apply a generous amount on your neck, and using a batting scrub, or where you fork. Or it removes all the dead skin cells and beauties.
Also the tan skin salt and baking soda are good exfoliant. They remove the top dead skin layers, dirt and impurities, thus revealing a lighter and smoother skin surface, and olive oil moisturizes your skin thus leaving your skin smooth and soft.
The final step, we are going to prepare skin lightening back. So to prepare the ingredients, that you need is sandalwood powder, and in case if you don’t have sand wood powder you can also use Multani mite powder.
That is also known as Fuller’s earth, or else you can use licorice powder, and a slice of lemon and some cold milk. Take the sandalwood powder in this. I’m going to add is cold milk.
So I’ll just add around 4 TSP of cold milk and then I’ll just squeeze this lemon. You take the juice out.. So once it is ready what you have to do. It is thick or take any brush, dip into this mixture.
Apply a thick ear all over your neck. And finally, apply a thick layer of this sandalwood. As you can see skin looks smooth, smoother and later and also the darkest color touch yourself.
Or share you with the advantage of using this pack. This pack contains all skin lightening ingredients, Sandra wood powder milk and lemon. Lemon bleaches your skin, it removes the dark, discolored patches and make hydrates and lightens your skin.
It also keeps your skin soft and smooth. And sandalwood powder, it enhances the texture an the clarity of your skin. It feeds a weak tone, or any dark patches on your neck and gets you a clearer and smoother skin though these three steps.
And I’m sure we will definitely get your desired results. So hope you find this useful. So thanks everyone for reading this topic and for more such beauty topics hit the like button.