How to fix winter beauty problems


Winter has just arrived. And as you know that during the season we mainly suffer from spit ins, dandruff cracked heels, dry skin chapped lips dullness. I have some quick overnight fixes to solve your common winter Beauty problems. So let’s find out those seven overnight beauty fixes for winter cold weather. Strip over the natural hair moisture, thus promoting spit ins, and hair breakage. Here is a simple but yet so powerful solution to get rid of split ends.
Hit a ball and add one teaspoon of olive oil. Olive oil is high in nutrients, it is very effective in the treatment of split ends. Then add half a teaspoon of honey. Honey our natural humectant. That seals moisture and makes your hair up your soft and smooth. Mix it well, dip massage through your hair focus mostly on the hair ends. Leave it overnight and the next morning wash off with the my shampoo followed by a conditioner.
This remedy repairs pittance and protects and resist hair breakage. Also leaves your hair soft and smooth during winter our body skin. Becomes dry, rough and dull to overcome. This issue or a generous amount of your body drops of vitamin E oil. Or you can also use avocado oil. Massage all over your body. Applied this five minutes before bedtime. And wake up the gorgeously glowing and soft body.
It is very unattractive to see dry patches over the face. So to get rid of facial dryness and dullness. Simply take a ball and add 1tsp of raw milk, then add one teaspoon of sweet almond oil. Mix it thoroughly.
Apply the solution to your clean face and gently massage for a minute. Leave it overnight to discover baby soft, bright and glowing face. Avoid dandruff during winter and protect yourself from hair loss. Here is the ultimate overnight tip to get rid of this problem. So for this, you need is coconut oil. So I’m going to add is one teaspoon of coconut oil. So try to use organic cold-pressed coconut oil. Then add two drops of tea tree oil.
Tea tree oil has anti fungal and antiseptic properties, that keep all the scalp problem said I. Now mix it well. Massage this oil on the scalp and leave it
Overnight. Before washing it as usual in the morning, the thin skin of our lips loses moisture rapidly especially in the winter. Hence leading to dry, flaky and chapped lips. So here is a super easy tip all you need is key or you can also use homemade butter. So take a little amount of key or homemade butter. Slightly warm the ghee or butter with the help of a microwave. Massage the warm key for a minute. Do this before bedtime and wake up to soft, smooth and healthy lips.
There is nothing more irritating than dry, cracked heels in the winter. It’s not really embarrassing, but also painful. Here is an instant solution to repair your dry and cracked heels. So place 1 TSP of Vaseline petroleum jelly finally adds one teaspoon of organic castor oil. Mix it well to get a smooth creamy paste prior to that wash your feet with warm water. Dry with a soft towel and then applies this cream and gently massage for a few seconds.
Follow this before bedtime. The next morning your heels will be noticeably softer and smoother a body part. Such as hands, knees and elbows require special attention. During the winter season these areas become extremely dry, dark and rough. Here is a quick overnight fix. An equine teaspoon of glycerin and add around 7 to 8 drops of fresh lemon juice. Mix it thoroughly and massage the solution into the affected areas. The blend of glycerin and lemon juice works amazingly well.
It softens nourishes and lightens the dark hands, knees and elbows. So these were the 7 super easy and extremely effective overnight beauty fixes to solve their winter problems. So do try this and your results with me. Take care and bye bye.