How To Enable Function Keys (Fn) On Your Computer


Hello everyone! How are you doing. This is match here for other quick topics. Today I’m going to show you guys, how to disable hotkeys and enable your function keys on your Windows computer. So this can be pretty straightforward tutorial and there’s a couple different fixes.
I’m going to through on this topic. The first one, will be to go into our BIOS settings. So we just want to enter into our BIOS. So typically if you restore your computer and tap on the Escape key or f2 key or something along those lines to gain access to some BIOS options.
So I’m going to restart the computer and I will be right back okay. Now I’m at the boot menu. So using my arrow keys on my keyboard. I’m going to down to enter setup. Then I hit enter worn over the inner setup selection. Now I’m going to use my arrow keys on my keyboard scroll over to the Advanced tab.
Now I personally do not have this setting in here, but if you do there might be a setting that’s going to be called hotkey mode probably near the bottom of this list. It would either be underneath advanced or a configuration tab. You might have one or the other or perhaps even both. You’d want to go down to it and then just click on enter once to change the setting.
You’ve won to the say bored. So you want to disable it by scrolling up and then clicking on disable. And then you want to hit enter again, that’s not the exact one. I’m over right now at the time. I’m just letting you guys, know if you see anything this is hokey made you want to disable it. Then, once you’re done, doing that you want to hit f10 on your keyboard to save changes.
And exit you might have different commands on the bottom of your screen.
So just rough fall. I’d recommend falling along with whatever is listed there and like I said save the changes. Now I’ve noticed another popular fix for this as well. If you are singing different kinds of laptops. I recommend holding down the FN key, and then the Escape key or if you also have the FN lock key as well. So that can also be affected.
So I’d recommend tapping on those keys as well and then see, if that resolves your hotkey function key problem. So that’s definitely one thing you could try, but like I said, I recommend trying there’s a couple different methods more there, and hopefully it would work for you guys. So as always, thank you for reading and I will catch you in the next.