How to connect your Laptop to Wifi


Hi friends! Welcome to I’m going to share with you, how to connect your laptop to a wireless network. For the purposes of this we’re going to connect to any wireless network, that you might come across this could be the one at home.
This could be in a cafe in a restaurant or when you’re at one of your other office locations. So now let’s have a look at the short steps that are-
Necessary to get your wireless up and running. So before we get started with the steps needed to connect to a wireless network. There’s one small thing. You need to do with your laptop prior to getting it ready for wireless, which is to enable the signal on it on this laptop.
There is a wireless button. You’ll see with the standard wireless icon on the keyboard. That you need to press and there’s a little LED there to indicate, that it’s coming on this means, that the wireless signal. On this laptop is ready to go and connect you to a network.
Some laptops you may find having a switch on the front or on the side, that also enables the wireless signal alternatively. We have another model here with an F n function key to enable the wireless. Which is located on in this case. The f5 key it’s a slightly unorthodox icon for wireless. But this will be in the handbook for the laptop manufacturer to indicate what you should be looking for.
So in this instance, we would press FN and f5 to enable the wireless. Next we’re going to look at the actual steps within the operating system environment to get your laptop connected to a wireless network.
So here we are releasing connects the wire network. At the moment you’ll see on the taskbar here where the wireless signal strength locator is that. It’s currently saying not connected. Connections are available which indicates that there are wireless networks within range, if I click here left click. It will bring up a list of the wireless networks.
The laptop is aware of. So what you want to do. Is locate the wireless network. Thought you’d like to connect to which in our case. Right click on there and select connect with left click. This brings up a box that will prompt you for your wireless security key.
If you don’t know this you should obtain this from whoever is managing your wireless network. Once you’re aware of this key. You can choose to hide the cactus. In this case we will be doing that. And I’m just going to enter my wireless password. And then I’m going to click OK. And it’s attempting a connection, work that’s quite quick.
So now we’re connected to our wireless network. You can see by hovering over the signal strength locator again. And it’ll tell you that you’ve also got internet access. If that’s part of your wireless setup. So now if I come over here and click on the Internet Explorer icon.
We go and our wireless network is connected right. That’s it for today’s wireless 101. I hope you found helpful and interesting in the meantime. We all know that these technical things don’t always go according to plan. So in the event, that you get stuck or you need any further help please don’t hesitate to contact enthusiastic support team, who will be more than happy to assist you. Take care and bye bye.