How I will contribute to the Bishop’s community


I am a firm believer in the Julius caesar’s insight that experiences the teacher of all things. Though the lessons I’ve learned in classrooms are valuable. My unique experiences over the past 17 years have had the most significant impact on my life and have shaped me as a person. It was at a university fair that I initially became intrigued with becoming the gator. I was immediately captivated by the presentation of a school that not only offered a competitive program that I knew I would excel in. But also an engaging community and lifestyle that offers everything that I hope to gain from my university experience.

I’ve always known that regardless of which post-secondary institution and vocation they’re after that I chose. My pursuit of the more unique experiences would always be supported by my decision to travel. The vibrant and patriotic culture of Quebec has always drawn me towards Montreal. Supported further by my fluency in French. And I am very excited to practice my language skills and explore my love for French culture beyond the campus. I have known that I wanted to be a teacher for most of my life. Accordingly, I have always been drawn towards mentorship opportunities, engaging with children through bilingual literature and sports programs. As well as my recent volunteer position as an education assistant in an elementary classroom. Additionally the coaching perspective on the sport of competitive precision jump rope. A sport that I have been involved with for nearly a decade, has given me the opportunity to heighten my leadership and teaching abilities. I will bring with me a desire to continue pursuing mentorship and peer tutoring opportunities at bishops. I plan to join and possibly initiate the foundation of many athletic media related social justice and event organization extracurricular clubs on campus that explore my passions on a large scale. As well as focusing on the growth of the student life at BU. My involvement within my school and community has been one of my most significant commitments over the past four years. And I know that my ability to contribute will continue to live on at bishops. I’ve often been recognized for my active promotion of school spirit and I plan on carrying this trait with me to bishops in the fall of 2018. The university is full of experiences that mold your character and shape your future. I plan to seize every opportunity to think outside of the box. And to challenge traditional conventions in order to enrich the BU lifestyle. Not only for myself, but for my fellow classmates Bishop’s staff and professors alike.