Do I need a Degree? | Elon Musk answers


There’s no need even to have a college degree at all or even high schools. I mean, if somebody graduated from a great university that may be an Indian indication that they will be capable of great things. But it’s not necessarily the case. You know, if you look at say people like Bill Gates, Larry Ellison, Steve Jobs these guys didn’t graduate from college. But if you had a chance to hire them of course that would be a good idea.
So you know just really looking just for evidence of exceptional ability. And if there’s a track record of exceptional achievement, then it’s likely that that will continue into the future. How I describe myself well, I mean I seem to have a high innate drive and that’s been true even since I was a little kid. You know really had a very strong drive. Did all sorts of risky things for his kid that I like why did I do those things are crazy. I care a lot about the truth of things and trying to understand the truth of things. I think so I think that’s important. If you’re going to come up with some solution, then the truth is really important I think. I try to think of, I mean it’s difficult obviously come up with like things that are praised for oneself You know or like. It there’s and there’s good and bad here. But I think like sometimes they’re just like the things that seem quite clear and obvious to me. I don’t understand why they aren’t so obvious to everyone.

What does Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Larry Ellison have in common?
I mean those are pretty different personalities in it between gates and jobs and Alison’s at success well. I think you know all all three of those were technologists. But with different types of skills. And their jobs were obviously very good with aesthetics. And you know against the technology of course and you really insert where people wanted even when they didn’t know themselves. And he was not afraid to break boundaries. But say like gates would probably be better as you know the sort of raw engineering and technology than jobs but not as good for aesthetics. But I mean for these guys of the obviously very driven, they’re very talented and yeah and they’re able to attract great people to hold a company. But I needed that like the ability to attract and motivate great people is critical to the success of a company. Because the company is just that’s a group of people that are assembled to create a product or service that’s the purpose of a company. If you all some of us forget this elementary truth. So if you know if you’re able to get great people to join the company and work together towards a common goal. And you sort of have a relentless sense of perfection about that goal. Then you will end up with a great product. And have a great product let’s if you will buy. And then we kind of know we’ll be successful. Yeah, really it’s pretty straightforward. I mean, yeah that’s the reason for it. I wouldn’t say I’m fearless in fact. I think, I fear, I feel fear quite strongly. But I am if the if what we’re doing isn’t you know what I’m doing is I think it’s important enough then I just override the fear. So but it’s not as that I don’t feel like a little more stronger. It really depends on the stakes. If the stakes are high if it’s really important thing one should then I you know will overcome the fear and just do it anyway.
I essentially I mean I just drive over rights fear. But I feel the fear it’s kind of annoying, I wish isn’t oh I felt it less. So all these questions are interesting, I don’t get the ask these very often. And then like I try to think like, what is like an evident an accurate reply. And somebody said it’s like I know it’s hard to evaluate yourself on these things.