Disabling/Re-Enabling Your Windows Key!


What’s up guys, today I’m going to share with you, how to disable and re-enable the Windows key on the keyboard. Some people find it annoying when playing a full screen game. Or just browse the internet and the slightest wrong move. Opens your Start menu when you didn’t want to know I want to warn you about what I’m going to share. You are editing and creating value in your system registry can be risky. Since it handles information and what not. Don’t worry though if you’re afraid of doing it yourself.
I will put two links in the description that can disable and re-enable your windows keys for you, which were made by Microsoft. So let’s get started first, you want to go to start – click a search for run, and open that program. Next type are egg EDT 3 2 and press Enter or click OK. Your computer will ask for permission to run the program. Or allow it to make changes to your computer. Click yes or ok.
Again, I want to remind you, how careful you have to be with the registry. You don’t want to go through the headaches of messing up. So from here the registry editor will open up, you’ll see the computer and then a series of available drop-down menus.
Double click H key local machine, then double click system followed by currentcontrolset, and then Ctrl after that scroll down until you find keyboard layout. When you find that you want to click on keyboard layout.
Once you should see one file called default inside click, edit at the top of the program now, and then binary value name that value scan code map, after that right click scan code map.
Press modifies the data, that you’re entering is 48 numbers long and you can type it in lowercase. The registry editor will capitalize it for you. You start by entering 17 zeros watch as I do it. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 on the 17th zero. You will add a three. After it followed by ten more zeros one two three four five six seven eight nine ten.
After that you will type in five b me and then five more zeros, one two three four five. Lastly, you will enter five c, e, and then nine more zeros finish your data entry. One two three four five six seven eight nine.
Now, after you count your nine zeros, you will notice it has an extra zero, beside it don’t worry about it as long as the zero zero one eight row is empty. You should be good to go.
However the Start menu will open, just fine by manually clicking it on your desktop. Next I will share with you, how to re-enable your Windows key simply click the Windows icon. Test open your Start menu, click on search to run and open the program. Next type in our egg EDT 3 to press ok, and the registry editor will again ask for permission to run or make changes to your computer, select ok and the program will open.
If you have not made any difference changes, since your last registry, visit the directory leading to your Windows key registry should open up, otherwise just double click the following folders H key local machine system currentcontrolset and control and then click on keyboard layout.
Now you should see scan code map which is the value. That we created to disable your Windows key earlier simply right-click on it and press Delete. It will ask you to confirm your deletion. Because deleting the wrong value will hurt your system. Press yes close the registry editor and restart your computer. When you restart, you should be able to use your Windows key on your keyboard again alright.
Guys, I hope this tutorial helped you. If you have any questions, leave a comment.